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LUSH fresh handmade cosmetics are a premium brand from UK. LUSH makes effective products out of fresh fruit and vegetables, the finest essential oils and safe synthetics, without animal ingredients. LUSH believes in writing the quantitative ingredient list on the outside. Today LUSH has 580+ shops globally. LUSH also operates mail order businesses from the UK, Canada, India, Australia, Italy, Japan, Sweden, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Hungary, Germany, Taiwan and the United States. LUSH hand-makes its cosmetics in UK, Italy, Canada, South America and Japan, in its own production facilities, so every product available in the shops or sent to its customers by mail is as fresh as it can possibly be, because fresh products work better and use fewer preservatives.

LUSH is firmly committed to a policy which not only precludes testing its products and ingredients on animals, or engaging with third-party suppliers to do so on their behalf, but they also do not buy any ingredient from any supplier that tests any of its materials on any animals for any purpose. This policy is unique in its field and is pioneering a new way to stop animal tests for cosmetics

The LUSH aim is to have the youngest, freshest products in the history of cosmetics.

We Believe:

No Animal Testing

Stopping all animal testing is something LUSH cares passionately about. LUSH has worked towards this for years and been at the forefront of the campaigns to prevent cruel, unnecessary testing. LUSH believes that there is no way to justify testing cosmetics or any of their ingredients on animals. The only way to check that they are safe for humans is to test them on humans.


All products made at LUSH, are by hand. Ballistics and Bars are individually hand moulded; the soaps are hand poured into moulds and hand cut. The fruit is freshly juiced. Bottles are hand filled and labeled with the maker's name. LUSH uses the finest Belgian chocolate in their massage bars.


LUSH uses preservatives in as few products as possible. Wherever possible, LUSH uses clever combinations of ingredients to stabilise the products so that products have a natural shelf life.

LUSH clearly marks when the products were made and when they should be used by.

Recycling & Waste principle

LUSH believes that the best way to tackle recycling is not to create the waste in the first place. LUSH tries to remove it at the design stage, and then if there is any waste LUSH will aim to reuse it. If LUSH can’t reuse it anywhere, then it will be recycled.

LUSH has been able to do this by considering the need for packaging at the design stage. LUSH probably uses less than half the packaging materials a comparable cosmetic company would use just by selling products without packaging.

The LUSH bags and catalogue, ‘The LUSH Times’, are printed on recycled paper containing no chlorine.

LUSH's wide range of products include Bathing Bars, Shampoo Bars, Liquid shampoos, perfume bars, showers jellies, showers gels, bathing salts, bubble baths, moisturizers, shaving cream, cleansers, fresh face mask, body lotions amongst others.

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