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Kool Fusion is the brainchild of women entrepreneurs, Fatema Pankhawala and Rupali Ghogre.

They both share a passion to showcase innovation in kulfi - widely known as a Indian dessert with limited flavours - to the global food cognoscente. Their vision is to transform the traditional avatar of kulfi to a new age style.

With this vision, they ventured to explore their own ideas of preparing new kulfi flavours and serving kulfi in creative ways. They didn't earn much success initially but they persisted with their effort. This ardent search for innovation in kulfi took them to the internationally acclaimed Master of Food Innovation - Celebrity Chef Ajay Chopra. When Ajay saw their vision to innovate the Indian dessert into an international dessert icon, he was thrilled to test his culinary skills and immediately agreed to join their team. Armed with Chef's razor sharp acumen and founders' passion to innovate, the Kool Fusion team successfully managed to achieve its dream.

Kool Fusion serves kulfi in over 20 exciting and innovativeflavours which have never before been tasted or thought of in a kulfi. How about masala chai, sesame and candee crush as kulfi flavours? Not just the taste, Kool Fusion has innovated the form of kulfi too. Its kulfis are no longer conical shaped candy sticks. Kool Fusion serves kulfis in amazing shapes like dollops, domes and fondants. Innovation doesn't end there, the kulfis textures are to die for, whilst you bite in to nutty pralines , get ready to be surprised with a gooey marshmallow texture hidden there as well. There is more - innovation in the way kulfi is prepared.

Gone are the days of not having the pleasure of seeing the kulfi get ready for you to taste. Kool Fusion prepares the kulfi right in front of you and serves you right there ,So, even before your mouth starts to water, your eyes have feasted the kulfi while it gets decked up on an ice pan. And to top it all, Kool Fusion has innovated the topping as well. There are over a 50 toppings and sauces to choose from , raspberries to frozen orange.lemon candy to jujube are few of the many new toppings which will make your taste buds go wild.

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